The Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS) supports the professional empowerment and personal growth of women in journalism and works toward a more accurate portrayal of the whole society. We do this at our Conference and Mentoring Project, through our fellowship programs and at regional gatherings.

  • Help choose the 2018 JAWS Fellows

    by Nikki Raz

    This year the Fellowship Committee, with the help of the Legacy Committee, is offering 5 fellowships to 14 women.

    We are expecting to receive the most applications we’ve ever had this year, and we need volunteers to help us review applications.

  • CAMP 2018: Fellowship application process to open April 13

    Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS) will begin accepting applications for 2018 fellowships beginning Friday, April 13.

    Each year JAWS brings fellows to our annual Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) for three days of training, networking and professional development.

  • March webinar: Learn to make FOIA work for you

    In (belated) honor of Sunshine Week, on Wednesday, March 28 at 4 PM PT/7 PM EST we are hosting a webinar led by Amy Pyle and Victoria Baranetsky of Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting

    Amy, editor-in-chief of Reveal, will guide us in the aggressive, specific use of Freedom of Access laws to hold our public officials accountable. She will draw upon her expertise leading a team of editors, reporters and producers who produce unique in-depth national stories.

    Victoria, General Counsel at Reveal, has worked for the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press on matters involving the intersection of technology and media law, access as well as privacy and government surveillance.

  • CAMP 2018: Apply for a JAWS Fellowship this April

    Each year the Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS) brings fellows to our annual Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) for three days of training, networking and professional development.

  • Breaking Barriers

    By Lottie Joiner

    “The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.”
    Ida B. Wells-Barnett

  • Webinar: Learn about the JAWS Fellowship experience

    “Everyone has been incredibly warm, welcoming, open and so willing to help and to share their stories.”

    “This is a home I’d been looking for but didn’t realize I needed.”

    “I think it provides that community your newsroom could be missing.”

    Each year the Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS) brings fellows to our annual Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) retreat for three days of training, networking and professional development. And the above quotes are just a few of the glowing things past fellows had to say about attending CAMP.

  • Crunch time – propose a CAMP panel by Feb. 2

    By Roxann Elliott

    It’s crunch time!

    No, that’s not a cruel rallying cry to double down on your waning New Year’s resolutions. You’re beautiful and fierce and no one cares how many crunches you did today.

    Instead, we’re here to remind your fabulous selves that the deadline for CAMP programming proposals is this Friday. We need some savvy, passionate women to step up and take charge of organizing panels for our 2018 CAMP retreat in Welches, Oregon.

  • CAMP 2018: Organize a panel or session

    By Lindsey Anderson

    Journalism and Women Symposium really needs you—yes, you!—and your wonderful ideas!

    are accepting proposals for panels and workshops for this year’s Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) in Oregon, and we’re extending the deadline to Friday, Feb. 2.

  • December 2017: We need your help

    As 2017 comes to a close, I want to thank our members and staff for all their hard work.

    Your grit and dedication paid off with a successful CAMP, where women of all ages and backgrounds came together in Hot Springs, Ark. to recognize, inspire and grow as women in journalism.

  • Give to JAWS by Dec. 31 and double your impact

    Are you looking to give a priceless gift to women in journalism this giving season? With a year-end donation to Journalism and Women Symposium, you can double your impact.

  • Call for panels for CAMP 2018

    The most beautiful thing about Journalism and Women Symposium is that it’s built on us women sharing our stories, tips and tools of the trade with each other. The annual Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) is the pinnacle of that sisterhood. And that’s why we need your help.

  • November 2017: Dream Big

    My first time at JAWS camp transformed me.

    It was 1993, and I had recently arrived at the San Francisco Chronicle from the Associated Press, where I was lucky enough to learn from Linda Deutsch and other great journalists in Los Angeles.

  • Thanks for your support on Giving Tuesday

    The giving season started yesterday with Giving Tuesday, and by the end of the day Journalism and Women Symposium had many reasons to feel the love.

  • Join JAWS for Giving Tuesday 2017

    Energized by CAMP 2017 and inspired by the season of giving, Journalism and Women Symposium is looking toward 2018 as an opportunity to bolster our interactive and welcoming community for women in journalism.

  • CAMP 2017: Covering the working class with care and consciousness

    Story by Nesima Aberra, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Erica Yoon, CAMP photographer

    Close your eyes and imagine a working class American. What pops up for you? A white man? A black woman? Someone from rural Kentucky or D.C.?

  • CAMP 2017: Reporting around the globe

    Story by Christal Hayes, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Erica Yoon, CAMP photographer

    It isn’t just war zones where your life can be in danger.

    The story of Kim Wall, a Swedish reporter brutally killed while working on a freelance story aboard a privately owned submarine, reminded foreign correspondents and freelancers working overseas that even in a relatively safe country, everyone is vulnerable.

  • CAMP 2017: Getting interviewees to open up

    Story by Lauren McGaughy, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Erica Yoon, CAMP photographer

    Know the subject, never give up and, when the time comes, shut the hell up. These were some of the tips to on getting interviewees to pen up about difficult subjects like corruption, violence and identity.

  • CAMP 2017: How to write clean copy on deadline

    Story by Monica Vendituoli, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Erica Yoon, CAMP photographer

    The key to combatting common self-editing issues is tricking the brain into thinking the material is new.

  • CAMP 2017: How to go viral with videos

    Story by Lauren McGaughy, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Erica Yoon, CAMP photographer

    Going viral on Facebook takes more than just a catchy headline or outrageous content. For journalists who want to feature serious subjects and highlight important discussions of the day, Facebook videos must be carefully tailored to grab and keep hold of the audience.

  • CAMP 2017: Building a toolbox to counteract bias

    Story by Louise Dewast, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Erica Yoon, CAMP photographer

    Being aware of your own biases is the first step in counteracting bias in your journalism, Jenée Desmond-Harris, op-ed editor at The New York Times based in Palo Alto, Calif. and Tonya Mosley, Silicon Valley correspondent and host for KQED in San Francisco, Calif. told CAMP 2017 participants.

  • CAMP 2017: Big scoops on a small budget

    Story by Lisa Thomson, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Erica Yoon, CAMP photographer

    Lucia Walinchus lead the Sunday morning reporter’s toolkit session, Big Scoops on a Small Budget: Investigative Reporting for Freelancers and Small Newsrooms at CAMP 2017. During her session, Walinchus, a freelance journalist, provided tips for finding and reporting investigative stories.

  • CAMP 2017: Thriving on the statehouse beat

    Story by Monica Vendituoli, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Erica Yoon, CAMP photographer

    The statehouse can be one of the most important beats in journalism.

  • CAMP 2017: Connections can be the key to side gigs

    Story by Amanda Woytus, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Erica Yoon, CAMP photographer

    If 2017 is the year of the side gig, Michele Weldon, author, journalist, senior leader with The OpEd Project and editorial director of Take the Lead, hopes for an especially creative job.

  • CAMP 2017: StoryCorps Project records mosaic of conversations

    Story by Mia Warren, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Erica Yoon, CAMP photographer

    In her 20s, Karen Michel moved to an Eskimo village in Alaska to teach art. The transplanted New Yorker didn’t know a thing about producing radio. That didn’t stop her from applying for a job at a station in Fairbanks.

  • CAMP 2017: Nikole Hannah-Jones on women who are ‘not supposed to be here’

    Story by Nesima Aberra, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Erica Yoon, CAMP photographer

    While Nikole Hannah-Jones may be one of the newest recipients of the MacArthur “genius grant” fellowship, the New York Times magazine investigative reporter has often been seen as a woman who is “not supposed to be here.”

  • CAMP 2017: Advice for aspiring authors

    Story by Corinne Boyer, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Erica Yoon, CAMP photographer

    Before you even think of tackling that book proposal, you need to ask yourself a lot of questions.

    Two publishing experts, Jane Isay and Gail Ross, hosted “Your Path: So, You Want to Write a Book?” discussing book ideas, proposals and outlining the “table test”— a set of criteria for finding a book deal—at the Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS) Conference and Mentoring Project in Hot Springs, Ark.

  • CAMP 2017: Finding the leader in you

    Story by Lauren McGaughy and Louise Dewast, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Louise Dewast

    The quality of your relationships with co-workers keeps the engine of success running. This was the lesson delivered at the “Finding the Leader in You” workshop lead by Tara Puckey, ‎Associate Executive Director at the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), at Journalism and Women Symposium’s 2017 Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP).

  • CAMP 2017: 6 questions to ask before podcasting (plus 7 you should be listening to)

    Story by Amanda Woytus, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Erica Yoon, CAMP photographer

    One question is on the mind of every journalist in 2017: Should I make a podcast?

    “I bet you know what I’m going to tell you,” said Tara Anderson, producer and host of the podcast Five Things, from Louisville Public Media in Louisville, Ky.

  • CAMP 2017: Cracking the podcast code

    Story by Yael Even Or, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Erica Yoon, CAMP photographer

    Podcasts are the new blogs. Everyone from journalists to commentators to comedians wants one. With over 300,000 podcasts on iTunes, how do you make yours stand out from the crowd?

    That was the premise of a day-long workshop on Oct. 27 to help Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS) members figure out how to stand out in a crowded market. The workshop was led by Tara Anderson, host and producer of the “Five Things” podcast, in which she conducts interviews through a “show and tell” activity – asking guests to describe the objects that tell their stories.

  • CAMP 2017: Learning about photojournalism on phones

    Story by Corinne Boyer, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Erica Yoon, CAMP photographer

    Journalists are continually asked to do more with less. That includes doing their own photography, which is a whole new experience for some.

  • CAMP 2017: Doing more with less in community journalism

    Story by Brooke Lewis, 2017 JAWS Fellow

    Amy Wu wants others to know they can do it too. When the veteran journalist began working at The Salinas Californian more than a year and a half ago, she faced a daunting task.

  • CAMP 2017: Resilience and tactics for reporting on trauma

    Story and photo by Louise Dewast, 2017 JAWS Fellow

    Trauma and resilience are two words that people forget are compatible. This wisdom is especially important for journalists to remember.

    While everyone deals with negative emotions, as reporters in the field, many of us have experienced disturbing scenes or interviewed survivors of traumatic events. The after-effects of these encounters often leave us emotionally depleted. We find ourselves asking, “How do I cope and keep doing my job?”

  • CAMP 2017: Social Media for Newsrooms: Not as easy as it sounds

    Story by Nesimaa Aberra, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Andrea Crowley-Hughes, JAWS Communication Manager

    For anyone who thinks managing social media in a newsroom simply entails tweeting or posting a story link on Facebook, think again. According to Renee Ernst, producer of social publishing at CNN, it means being a gatekeeper of breaking news with an extreme amount of responsibility.

  • Journalism and Women Symposium statement on sexual harassment claims at NPR

    The Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS) organization, which advocates for and supports women journalists, condemns in strongest terms the apparent abuses of power and inappropriate, predatory and sexist behavior that are coming to light with developments such as NPR Senior Vice President of News Mike Oreskes’ resignation following accusations of sexual harassment.

  • CAMP 2017: Journalists work toward an awareness of bias

    Story by Chandra Bozelko, 2017 JAWS Fellow

    After leading a plenary session, “Slow Thinking: Self-Audits and Superior Sources: A Toolbox for Counteracting Bias,” New York Times op-ed editor Jenée Desmond-Harris and KQED host Tonya Mosley led an Implicit Bias Training Debrief for approximately 25 attendees of Journalism and Women Symposium’s Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) in Hot Springs, Ark.

  • CAMP 2017: Reporting responsibly on health care issues

    Story and photo by Mia Warren, 2017 JAWS Fellow

    The first step in reporting on health care crises, said Mary Meehan, is “do no harm.” Mary — a journalist at the Ohio Valley Resource — used the Zika virus as an example.

  • CAMP 2017: Using metrics to magnify your journalism

    Story by Lisa Thomson, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Andrea Crowley-Hughes, JAWS Communication Manager

    Speakers from the American Press Institute offered insight into the purpose and value of media analytics, along with a few platform suggestions, at the Journalism and Women Symposium’s annual conference on Sunday, Oct. 29. The “Metrics to Magnify Your Journalism” panel was led by Liz Worthington (director of content strategy), Amy Kovac-Ashley (senior newsroom learning program manager) and Katie Kutsko (assistant program manager).

  • CAMP 2017: Lynn Sweet on media’s mission in Trump age

    Story by Chandra Bozelko, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Erica Yoon, CAMP photographer

    Lynn Sweet, the Chicago Sun-Times Washington bureau chief, spoke at a luncheon at the Journalism and Women Symposium’s Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) 2017 on Saturday, Oct. 28.

  • New officers and members elected to the 2017-2018 JAWS Board of Directors

    Journalism & Women Symposium logoResults are in for the Journalism and Women Symposium’s 2017-2018 Board of Directors election. Join us in welcoming new officers and members to the board.

  • JAWS Talks project to preserve our stories

    StoryCorps has a new outreach program. allows organizations to form their own communities, where they can create and house their oral archives.

  • CAMP 2017: Follow along from near and far with hashtags

    By Lindsey Anderson, JAWS member

    Bummed you can’t make it to Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) this year? You can still follow the goings-on in Hot Springs from afar.

    Like all good journalists, dozens of attendees will be tweeting from each conference session. Check out the hashtag #jaws17 on social media for panel highlights and the low-down on the latest in journalism.

  • Bid in the JAWS 2017 online auction

    Get ready to bid!

    The annual online auction for Journalism and Women Symposium is now open, giving you one week to bid on a California vacation, a leadership coaching session or a guided stroll in Central Park — all while raising money to support the mentoring, training and support provided by Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS).

  • In Memory: Rita Henley Jensen

    Over and over, Rita Henley Jensen‘s friends and colleagues describe her as “a force.” They call her formidable and extraordinary. Jensen used those strengths to fight her way out of poverty and into an award-winning career in journalism, working all the while to amplify women’s voices and advocate for their health and welfare.

    Jensen, the founder of Women’s eNews and of the Jane Crow Project, died Oct. 18 of breast cancer, according to her daughter, Ariel Jensen-Vargas. She was 70.

  • CAMP 2017: What I’m looking forward to as a first-timer

    by Jennifer Oldham, JAWS member

    Sometimes I miss the newsroom.

    Not the balding septuagenarian who alternated between snoring, cursing at sources and trying to pick up thirty-somethings as they walked by.  Nor the editor who shouted instructions to reporters on deadline. And certainly not the mice that periodically appeared unannounced under our desks.

    But the adrenaline-fueled story meetings to map out how to cover breaking news, the understanding ear of a fellow writer and the shared satisfaction of a published byline are routinely lacking in my home office.

  • CAMP 2017: Party 1920s style on Friday night

    By Kira Zalan, JAWS member

    Why does the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas have an Al Capone suite? Because the legendary gangster loved staying at the charming property and often rented the entire fourth floor. Legend has it he preferred direct access to the bath house, a clear view of the club across the street (now a museum), and the hidden exits in case of a raid.

  • CAMP 2017: What to bring to Hot Springs

    by Lindsey Anderson, JAWS member

    As we get closer and closer to CAMP, it’s time to start thinking about what to pack!

    CAMP is casual, so swap your suits and pencil skirts for jeans, casual tops and comfy shoes. T-shirts from previous CAMPs are especially welcome.

  • CAMP 2017: Where to eat in Hot Springs

    One of the joys of traveling to different destinations every year for Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) is the chance to try a variety of cuisines. In addition to breakfasts, lunches and dinners at The Arlington Hotel Resort & Spa, Hot Springs offers plenty of dining spots to enjoy.

  • CAMP 2017: Meet the authors for Books & Browse

    We have a multi-talented group of women authors who’ve agreed to bring copies of their latest published work to CAMP to share with our attendees at Books & Browse Saturday night (Oct. 28).

    Take a look at our list of featured authors and come prepared talk shop over a glass of wine—and purchase a book or two!

  • CAMP mentorship, changing the world together

    By Roxann Elliott, incoming Operations Director

    Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match…

    As we gear up for CAMP 2017, we’re once again calling for CAMPers to step up to the plate as mentors for their fellow journalists over the weekend in Hot Springs, Ark.

  • Check out your 2017-2018 JAWS board candidates

    What an election we’re going to have this year!

    The members running to join the JAWS Board of Directors are a diverse group ethnically, geographically and age-wise. Their experience runs the gamut from freelance reporters to newsroom staffers and public broadcasting leaders. At least one or two are past Fellows, have been regional leaders or have served on JAWS committees.

  • CAMP 2017: Group activities from hiking to wine tasting to spa soaking

    by Jennifer Oldham, JAWS member

    Once home to both President Bill Clinton and notorious gangsters—an interesting juxtaposition—this year’s Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) location Hot Springs, Ark., is also the oldest park managed by the National Park Service. The designation is meant to protect about a million gallons of the 143-degree water that flow daily out of the low-lying Ouachita Mountains to fill 47 hot springs.

  • CAMP 2017: Give and receive in the JAWS online auction

    By Katherine Rowlands, JAWS member

    One of our most successful and fun fundraising efforts for JAWS is the online auction, which will give you the chance to bid during the month of October on a vacation in California, a painting for your office or expert training in career-building skills.

  • CAMP 2017: Get social in Hot Springs this fall

    By Kira Zalan, JAWS member

    The Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa, which will be home to Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) next month, was built in the 1920s in the center of charming Hot Springs, Ark. The hotel is surrounded by forested hiking trails, natural hot springs, shops, restaurants and quirky museums and theaters.

    There are plenty of cozy settings for JAWS-style bonding, including an on-site, vintage thermal bath spa; an enormous, southern-style wraparound porch; live entertainment on Friday and Saturday (locals come with their own dance shoes); pools and jacuzzis (carved into the side of a mountain); and a bartender who knows how to make a mean mint julep.

  • Public Speaking Webinar on Sept. 14

    Join Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS) for a public speaking webinar that will help you gain the confidence to get on stage and share your expertise.

    “Talk The Walk: Public Speaking Tips To Enhance Your Career” with Michele Weldon will take place on September 14 at 11 a.m. Central Standard Time.

  • CAMP 2017: Start a Table Talk conversation

    By Lindsey M. Anderson, JAWS member

    One of the best parts of CAMP is the opportunity to confer with women from across the globe, sharing our experiences, insight and advice.

    Table Talks at Sunday dinner are the perfect time for those conversations.

    As CAMP winds down after a whirlwind weekend of panels and activities, attendees can choose from a slate of themed tables for Sunday’s dinner.

  • CAMP 2017: Learn in-demand skills with tech training

    By Marina Villeneuve, JAWS member

    What’s your superpower?

    A 2016 report by the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism found that news organizations count visual storytelling, social media, coding and audience development skills among their most sought after hiring priorities.

    This year, the Journalism and Women Symposium’s Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) in Hot Springs, Ark. has you covered on all those fronts. Few of us can be a pro at it all, but it’s important to know the basics and gain expertise in one or two areas.

  • CAMP 2017: Bring back treasures from the road to share with JAWdesses

    By Julia Airey, JAWS member

    The 2017 Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) is fast approaching! And that means, for those of you who haven’t attended one before, it’s time to start thinking ideas for the onsite auction!

    For the past five years, CAMP has hosted an onsite and online auction to raise money to help cover JAWS CAMP programming. Last year the onsite auction raised almost $4,000 last year and we are confident we can do even better this October. And the best part? While luxury items like watches and vacation trips bid well, so do handicrafts and clothing – so everyone has a shot at contributing!

  • CAMP 2017: 10 things to see in Hot Springs, Ark.

    The Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) in Hot Springs, Ark., is just a few months away. Be sure to register soon to save money on the registration fee. Here are a few things to check out during a trip to Hot Springs, Ark.

  • CAMP 2017: 10 reasons to attend CAMP

    Need time to recharge? Want to explore a new part of the country? Get ready for all this and more when the Journalism and Women Symposium arrives at Hot Springs, Ark., for the Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP). Here are just a few things to look forward to.

  • CAMP 2017: 10 things to do in Hot Springs, Ark.

    Hot Springs, Ark., promises to offer fun for all types of travelers. Visitors can enjoy the outdoors, shopping, spa treatments among other diversions. Here are a few items to put on your list to check out.

  • CAMP 2017: Introducing this year’s fellowship class

    A young journalist who covered the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub last year and played a big part in the team that has continued to examine the attack. A magazine editor looking into launching a podcast about women, writing, working, and persisting in their 20s. A veteran reporter who has focused on highlighting first-generation and non-traditional college students as well as transgender Americans living in Texas. These are just a few of the inspiring women who have recognized as 2017 JAWS fellows and will be attending the Conference and Mentoring Project in Hot Springs, Ark., in October.

  • CAMP 2017: Call for authors for Books and Browse

    Are you an author who is looking to share your recently published book with friends and colleagues from around the country? If so, we’d love to showcase your work at the Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) in Hot Springs!

    We’re looking for eight authors to feature at Books and Browse this year. The event is one of the highlights of our conference where attendees can buy books, meet with authors and chat with them about their work. It’s scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 28, from 6 to 7 p.m. at The Arlington Resort Hotel and Spa.

  • CAMP 2017: Call for JAWS Board of Directors 2017-2018

    Want to take a more active role in JAWS leadership?

    Join our board, where you’ll help make decisions that’ll impact a growing organization of 200+ members. We are looking for people with skills — or interest in developing skills — in finance, marketing, social media and just about everything else!

  • CAMP 2017: How to arrange your travel and hotel to Hot Springs, Ark.

    CAMP 2017 is just a few months away and we encourage you to look in to travel and hotel options as early as possible to save money. The conference will be held Oct. 27 to 29 at The Arlington Resort Hotel and Spa, which is located at 239 Central Ave. in Hot Springs, Ark. Hotel amenities include free wi-fi, complimentary parking, a fitness room, year-round twin outdoor pools and hot tub, entertainment in the hotel lobby Thursday to Saturday nights, and a prime location in the Historic District across from Hot Springs National Park.

  • CAMP 2017: Hear from past CAMPers, register today!

    Are you still on the fence about attending this year’s Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) in Hot Springs, Ark.? We have great programming and speakers planned for this year’s conference. There are also tons of fun activities, awesome sights and sounds, and good eats to explore in the area.

    We don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to learn, participate in mentoring and networking, and recharge in a beautiful setting – here are some participants from last year’s CAMP on why CAMP is like no other conference.

  • CAMP 2017: Meet Maureen Bunyan, Fran Lewine speaker

    We’re very excited to announce that television news anchor Maureen Bunyan has agreed to be the Fran Lewine interviewee at CAMP this October!

    Maureen Bunyan is a 44-year veteran of television news who anchored the 6 o’clock weeknight newscasts for ABC7/WJLA-TV from 1999 to 2017.

    She is known as a leader in the newsroom and an advocate for women and minorities in journalism. She is a founder of the International Women’s Media Foundation which serves women in the media in 100 countries. She is also a founder of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), where she was inducted into the NABJ Hall of Fame in January of 201

  • CAMP 2017: Nikole Hannah-Jones, Lynn Sweet to keynote

    By Marina Villeneuve, CAMP co-chair

    This year at the Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP), we’re celebrating the act of veering off the beaten path and speaking truth to power.

    And in that vein, we are so excited to announce our two keynote speakers: Nikole Hannah-Jones, a domestic correspondent for The New York Times Magazine focusing on racial injustice, and Lynn Sweet, a columnist and Washington Bureau Chief at the Chicago Sun-Times.

  • CAMP 2017: First set of conference programming, featuring reporter’s toolkit and career building

    By Lindsey Anderson, CAMP co-chair

    Registration for CAMP 2017 is in full swing – and a slate of engaging and enlightening sessions is already lined up.

    Sessions this year are organized around three themes:

    Going Deep: Focused on specific reporting topics to build your expertise
    Your Path: How to navigate career hurdles and find opportunities to advance
    Reporter’s Toolkit: Concrete tips and tools to help you hone your trade

    Here is a preview of some sessions.

  • CAMP 2017: Register for pre-conference workshops on podcasting and leadership

    By Roxanne Foster, JAWS operations director

    You asked, we delivered: we have two exciting pre-conference workshops planned on podcasting and leadership skills.

    In 2013, men hosted 70 percent of the 100 most popular podcasts in the world (Bitch Magazine) and the number of women leaders and employees has remained stubbornly flat since the nineties (ASNE).

    All you trailblazers out there working to reverse those stats, these are for you.

  • Registration now open for the Manage Yourself, Lead Others JAWS Leadership Workshop

    In case you haven’t heard, we have two leadership workshops planned for 2017 – one in the Bay Area (June 24) and one in New York (July 28). Jill Geisler and her team of veteran media leaders will share their collective wisdom, as well as offer personalized coaching throughout the one-day, interactive training. If you’ve been thinking about attending but haven’t registered for one in your area, now’s the time to do so. There are a limited number of seats at the table and we’ve started sharing the news about them far and wide. Don’t wait because we’d love to see you there!

  • CAMP 2017: Get ready for the online and on-site auctions

    Meg HeckmanBy Meg Heckman, JAWS Member

    This year’s Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) is still months away, but it’s already time to start thinking about what you can donate to our online and onsite auctions.

    This will be the fifth year JAWS has operated an online auction, giving members who are unable to attend CAMP a chance to bid on great stuff while supporting a good cause.

    Last year, we raised over $3,000 through the online auction, and we’d love to beat that number this fall – so start thinking about what you can contribute. Luxury items and vacation destinations are always welcome, but services – editing, career coaching and book proposal coaching – are usually a hit, too.

  • We’re making history. Let’s record it.

    It’s Women’s History Month, and JAWS has much to celebrate. We are witnesses to history, and we have made history.

    None of us knew Ida B. Wells or Nellie Bly, but we have the privilege of hanging out with our living icons, women like Betsy Wade, and Edie Lederer, and Linda Deutsch. We also get to hang out with each other, and who knows what the future will make of our work, and our travails?

  • March 2018: An exciting time for JAWS

    March has been an exciting month for JAWS, starting with our spring board retreat in Oakland, California. We tackled some big issues, including whether to seek funding for an executive director, streamline the site selection process and increase the size of our year-round membership.

  • 2018 JAWS Next Step Fellowship

    Each year the Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS) brings a Next Step fellow to our annual Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) for three days of training, networking and professional development. This year’s JAWS CAMP will be held at The Mount Hood Resort in Welches, Oregon Oct.12 to 14, 2018. What is CAMP? The annual JAWS […]

  • 2018 Betsy Wade Legacy Fund Fellowship

    The Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS) will bring a Betsy Wade Legacy Fund Fellow to our annual Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) for three days of training, networking and professional development. This year’s JAWS CAMP will be held at The Resort at The Mount Hood Resort in Welches, Oregon Oct.12 to 14, 2018. What is […]

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