Board of Directors

Becky Day JAWS Executive DirectorBecky Day
Executive Director
Journalism & Women Symposium
Lawrenceville, New Jersey


“JAWS is the ‘must’ organization for women in journalism. This incredible network changes the lives of women in the media everyday with programs, support, leadership and a dedicated commitment to empowering women in every aspect of journalism.”

Kat RowlandsKat Rowlands
JAWS President
East Bay Metro Editor
Bay Area News Group

“I appreciate JAWS for its unique sense of camaraderie and professional support from other women who are committed to helping each other succeed. We find jobs for each other. We celebrate each other’s triumphs. We offer tips on writing, sourcing, pitching and teaching. It’s a unique and valuable network and I am so proud to see this organization thrive and grow.”

Gwyneth Doland
Executive Director
New Mexico Foundation for Open Government
Albuquerque, New Mexico

“I don’t know where I’d be today without the advice, support and encouragement of the women of JAWS.”

Karen Cheung-Larivee
Web Producer, Partners HealthCare
Boston, Massachusetts

“After every JAWS event, I always come away feeling inspired and humbled by the amazing women who offer not only professional advice but emotional support and friendship.”

Mary C. Curtis
Independent Multimedia Journalist
Charlotte, North Carolina

“I turn to this group of talented, accomplished, committed professionals for advice, support and the inspiration to keep doing what I do in my life and work. We’re all in this together.”

Jennifer DePaul
The Bond Buyer
Washington, D.C.

“I am proud to be part of a unique organization that helps promote personal and professional growth among women. It’s a fantastic networking organization as well as one to find new friends and mentors. The women in JAWS are unbelievably inspirational and empowering.” 

Sandra Fish
Journalism Instructor
University of Colorado
Boulder, Colorado

“JAWS offers me great career contacts, women who are wonderful sounding boards and, best of all, camaraderie.”

Kimberly Johnson 
Freelance Writer
Salisbury, North Carolina

“JAWS is a tremendous resource for me, both professionally and personally. The organization is a conduit for a wealth of collective experience that is overflowing with inspiration, networking opportunities and support.”

Sarah Pollock
Professor, Journalism & English
Mills College
Oakland, California

“I love the multi-generational support and mentoring among women from college-age to post-retirement. We are all teaching and learning – and the JAWS culture of mutual respect is joyful, fearless and inspirational.”

Jessica Rettig
Independent Journalist
Denver, Colorado

“As journalism continues to change and transform, JAWS has been a constant — always an excellent place to seek inspiration, encouragement and smart advice from women who have already overcome so much in their lives and careers. I became a journalist because of the amazing female journalists who told me I can and should do it, and I continue to find that genuine support and guidance from my fellow JAWS members.”

Peg Simpson
Freelance, Women’s Media Center
Washington, D.C.

“I relish the intergenerational, multi-cultural strength of JAWS where we learn about and support each other, not just at the spectacular annual Camp but on a daily basis through our invaluable listserv. We’re a resource for each other as we cope with chaotic times of risk and reward in the news business.”

Andrea Stone
Freelance Writer
Washington, D.C.

“Whether you are just starting your career as a journalist or trying to reinvent yourself amid the upheaval in our industry, there is someone at JAWS who has been there, done that or can buck you up and offer advice, moral support and friendship along the way.”

Lisen Stromberg
Independent Journalist
Palo Alto, California

“The power of JAWS is our focus on collaborative leadership and our collective commitment to ensuring women’s voices drive the discourse. I am honored to be working along side this illustrious group of women to make change for ourselves, each other, and society as a whole.”

Lauren M. Whaley
Multimedia Journalist
CHCF Center for Health Reporting
Los Angeles, California

“The women of JAWS are my heroes, mentors, peers and confidants. This community gives me the courage to keep pursuing journalism as a profession. JAWS women are badass, brilliant and accessible. I am forever grateful that they have welcomed me into their ranks.”

About the Board

Election of JAWS officers and new board members takes place at the annual business meeting, in conjunction with our fall Conference and Mentoring Project.

Eligibility for the JAWS board: Any active member who has camped with JAWS twice. Officers and board members serve one- or two-year terms. All are elected by a vote of the membership.

Job description for the board: The primary responsibility of the board of directors is to ensure that the organization operates in a fashion true to its stated mission and principles. The board provides continuity to the organization as individual members come and go.

The board has two trusts: The group’s growth and future, and to further the group’s goals.

It is responsible for setting policies, making decisions, delegating work and assuring the decisions are carried out. The board is legally responsible for governance of the organization and adherence to federal, state and local laws, audits done annually and income tax form filing.

A director’s responsibilities include:

  • Building and guiding long-range plans. This requires the ability to see and predict clearly the future needs of JAWS.
  • Making sure programs and services address membership needs.
  • Recruiting members and making sure members are involved in the group.
  • Raising funds.
  • Contributing and/or recruiting stories and items for the JAWS newsletter.
  • Contributing and/or recruiting program ideas for JAWS camp.
  • Spreading the word in the larger journalism commmunity about JAWS.
  • Attending camp, paying membership dues and attending board meetings.

For more about the board and the by-laws governing JAWS, see the JAWS by-laws.

To read our plans for the next five years, see the 2012-2017 Strategic Plan.

These 14 women will help guide JAWS, set policy and represent the organization as we pursue our mission of supporting the professional empowerment and personal growth of women in journalism. Each has committed to helping strengthen and grow our unique organization for a two-year term.