Jane Isay

Jane Isay spent over 40 years as an editor of nonfiction books before becoming a book author. She started at the Yale University Press in 1964, creating their lists in psychiatry, psychology and child development. Over the next decades in New York (at Basic Books, Addison Wesley, Putnam and Harcourt), she discovered, edited and published such classics as: Alice Miller’s “The Drama of the Gifted Child”; Howard Gardner’s “Frames of Mind”; Melissa Faye Greene’s “Praying for Sheetrock”; Buzz Bissinger’s “Friday Night Lights”; Mary Pipher’s “Reviving Ophelia”; JAWdess K.C. Cole’s “The Universe and the Teacup”; Antonio Damasio’s “Descartes’ Error”; Patricia O’Conner’s “Woe Is I”; and Rachel Simmons’ “Odd Girl Out.” Since 2003, she has written three books, “Walking on Eggshells,” “Mom Still Likes You Best” and “Secrets and Lies.” Her fourth book, “Unconditional Love: A GPS for Grandparents,” will be published in 2017. She lives in New York City and serves on many nonprofit boards, including The New Press, Library for All and the diversity program at Mt. Sinai Medical Center. She also said, “I’m interested in diversity, mentoring and regional gatherings. I think that the listserv makes a great contribution when a good question comes up and garners so much outstanding advice.” She also wants to find out from members what JAWS could provide that would be most helpful.

Term expires Oct. 22, 2017.