Training and Mentorship

The cornerstone of JAWS’ work is training and mentorship. Often this takes place at our annual Conference and Mentorship Program (CAMP) gathering, but we also strive to provide opportunities for members to connect through regional gatherings and trainings. In addition, we also work to partner up mentors who wish to share their experience and expertise with mentees who seek to grow, advance and lead. We call this symbiosis, as mentoring is often a two-way exchange.

CAMP 2017: Advice for aspiring authors

JAWS CAMP 2017 l

Story by Corinne Boyer, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Erica Yoon, CAMP photographer

Before you even think of tackling that book proposal, you need to ask yourself a lot of questions.

Two publishing experts, Jane Isay and Gail Ross, hosted “Your Path: So, You Want to Write a Book?” discussing book ideas, proposals and outlining the “table test”— a set of criteria for finding a book deal—at the Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS) Conference and Mentoring Project in Hot Springs, Ark.

CAMP 2017: Finding the leader in you

JAWS CAMP 2017 l

Story by Lauren McGaughy and Louise Dewast, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Louise Dewast

The quality of your relationships with co-workers keeps the engine of success running. This was the lesson delivered at the “Finding the Leader in You” workshop lead by Tara Puckey, ‎Associate Executive Director at the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), at Journalism and Women Symposium’s 2017 Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP).

CAMP 2017: Cracking the podcast code

JAWS CAMP 2017 l

Story by Yael Even Or, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Erica Yoon, CAMP photographer

Podcasts are the new blogs. Everyone from journalists to commentators to comedians wants one. With over 300,000 podcasts on iTunes, how do you make yours stand out from the crowd?

That was the premise of a day-long workshop on Oct. 27 to help Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS) members figure out how to stand out in a crowded market. The workshop was led by Tara Anderson, host and producer of the “Five Things” podcast, in which she conducts interviews through a “show and tell” activity – asking guests to describe the objects that tell their stories.

CAMP 2017: Resilience and tactics for reporting on trauma

JAWS CAMP 2017 l

Story and photo by Louise Dewast, 2017 JAWS Fellow

Trauma and resilience are two words that people forget are compatible. This wisdom is especially important for journalists to remember.

While everyone deals with negative emotions, as reporters in the field, many of us have experienced disturbing scenes or interviewed survivors of traumatic events. The after-effects of these encounters often leave us emotionally depleted. We find ourselves asking, “How do I cope and keep doing my job?”

CAMP 2017: Day 2 in pictures

JAWS CAMP 2017 l

CAMP 2017 in Hot Springs, Ark. was in full swing on Saturday, Oct. 28, with a wide variety of panels, Betsy Wade taking the stage for the Fran Lewine Interview, lunch keynote by Lynn Sweet and evening keynote by Nikole Hannah-Jones.  Relive the experience in this highlight reel with photos by Erica Yoon.

CAMP 2017: Day 1 in Pictures

JAWS CAMP 2017 l

CAMP 2017 in Hot Springs, Ark. started on Friday, Oct. 27, with podcasting and leadership workshops, CAMP 101 and welcoming this year’s class of fellows, and the cherished traditions of 10-second introductions and the Friday Night Welcome Party. Relive the experience in this highlight reel with photos by Erica Yoon.

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CAMP 2017: Journalists work toward an awareness of bias

JAWS CAMP 2017 l

Story by Chandra Bozelko, 2017 JAWS Fellow

After leading a plenary session, “Slow Thinking: Self-Audits and Superior Sources: A Toolbox for Counteracting Bias,” New York Times op-ed editor Jenée Desmond-Harris and KQED host Tonya Mosley led an Implicit Bias Training Debrief for approximately 25 attendees of Journalism and Women Symposium’s Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) in Hot Springs, Ark.

CAMP 2017: Using metrics to magnify your journalism

JAWS CAMP 2017 l

Story by Lisa Thomson, 2017 JAWS Fellow | Photo by Andrea Crowley-Hughes, JAWS Communication Manager

Speakers from the American Press Institute offered insight into the purpose and value of media analytics, along with a few platform suggestions, at the Journalism and Women Symposium’s annual conference on Sunday, Oct. 29. The “Metrics to Magnify Your Journalism” panel was led by Liz Worthington (director of content strategy), Amy Kovac-Ashley (senior newsroom learning program manager) and Katie Kutsko (assistant program manager).

Bid in the JAWS 2017 online auction

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Get ready to bid!

The annual online auction for Journalism and Women Symposium is now open, giving you one week to bid on a California vacation, a leadership coaching session or a guided stroll in Central Park — all while raising money to support the mentoring, training and support provided by Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS).