BOARD MEMBERS: Standing committees:

  • Executive
  • Programs and Services
  • Finance
  • Fundraising and Development
  • Communications
  • Membership
  • Nominations

The president will oversee and coordinate all committees. Staff members will support them as well.

1. Executive Committee – Consists of current JAWS officers, who consult with and advise the president between meetings. (Linda Kramer Jenning, Sandra Fish, Susy Schultz, Amy Resnick, Sheila Solomon)

2. Programs and Services Committee – Plans the annual fall conference, works to develop regional training and oversees the JAWS mentoring program and the awarding of scholarships to attend the conference. The committee works within the budget set by the treasurer in conjunction with the development team to develop conference sessions and training programs. It coordinates with staff on travel and other arrangements for speakers as well as specific conference needs. (Chair: Sandra Fish)

  • CAMP Subcommittee – Works to develop the annual conference program, including the keynote speaker(s), the panel sessions and the training workshops in addition to activities. The planning needs to begin a year ahead of CAMP. (Co-chairs Gina Setser and Emily Shenk. Staff support from Roxanne Foster  and Kat Rowlands)
    • Tech – one-on-one training and runs tech during breakouts and full conference sessions. (Chair Hilary Powell)
    • Social Media – just for CAMP.
    • Photography and Videography team (hired, but a subgroup nonetheless)
    • Friday Night Party Subcommittee
    • Wine and Whine Subcommittee
    • Books, Browse and Booze Subcommittee
    • Cruise Subcommittee
    • Volunteer Subcommittee for on-site help at CAMP
  • Fellowship Subcommittee – Selects emerging fellowship recipients for the annual fall conference, with emphasis on diversity. It promotes JAWS and the scholarship program at colleges, universities and trade schools and among younger, early-career journalists and women from media not well represented in JAWS. (Chair Kira Zalan. Staff support from Kat Rowlands and Roxanne Foster)
    • Diversity Subcommittee – Selects the Diversity Fellow
    • Next Step Subcommittee – Selects the Mid-Career Fellow
    • Entrepreneurial Subcommittee – Selects the Entrepreneurial Fellow
    • Emerging Journalist Subcommittee – Selects the Emerging Journalist fellows.
  • Mentoring Subcommittee – Pairs members for one-on-one counseling to provide support and guidance for women at all stages of their journalism careers as they seek advancement or job changes in the industry. (Co-chairs Donna Myrow and Sheila Solomon, coordinator Bonnie Rollins. Staff support from Roxanne Foster and Kat Rowlands)
  • Regional Programming Subcommittee – Works to develop programming to meet the request from our members for more workshops and training sessions during the year at locations across the country. Coordinates with regional co-captains. (Chair Liz Seegert with regional co-captains.  Staff support from Roxanne Foster and Kat Rowlands)

3. Membership Committee – Takes the lead in sustaining and boosting JAWS membership, with emphasis on diversity in ages, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, media and regions of the country. Sends out membership renewal letters each January, signed jointly by the president and the membership chair, and works with regional captains on outreach efforts. The committee reaches out to prospective members through word-of-mouth, listservs, the website, direct-appeal letters, surveys etc. (Chair: Susy Schultz. Staff support from Roxanne Foster and Kat Rowlands)

  • External Relations Subcommittee – Fosters and maintains an association with other journalism and journalism education groups and women’s organizations, explores joint programs/trainings, and tries to encourage the inclusion of JAWS members on panels at other conferences. (Co-chairs Angela Greiling Keane and Susy Schultz)
  • Diversity Committee – Sets goals and guidance for assuring that diversity is reflected and promoted throughout JAWS. (Co-chairs Angela Greiling Keane, Erin Siegal McIntyre and Millie Tran)

4. Finance Committee – Works with the treasurer to review expenditures and determine the annual budget, including funds available for the fall conference and scholarships. Meets three times a year, in person or by phone; at least one meeting must be held at CAMP. Membership includes the treasurer, as chair, a past president and other JAWS members who are not currently on the board. (Chair: Amy Resnick with Lynn Hume and Jackie Frank. Staff support from Kat Rowlands, Roxanne Foster)

  • Legal and Business Affairs Subcommittee – Oversees affairs of JAWS to assure that we are in good order on all fronts. (Chair: Erin Siegal McIntyre)


5. Communications Committee – Stays on top of external and internal communications to assure that members are fully informed and to heighten the profile of JAWS across platforms. Oversees publication of the JAWS newsletter and includes the web mistress, who is responsible for the design of the JAWS website, the posting of articles and announcements and the updating each year of the organization’s continuing “HerStory.” Also includes branding and style. Works with website manager to keep JAWS’ digital presence accurate, visually exciting, relevant. With the JAWS president and board, it also coordinates public statements on behalf of the organization. (Co-chairs: Merrill Perlman and Justine Griffin and volunteer members. Staff support from Connie Ho, Roxanne Foster  and Kat Rowlands)

  • External Communications – Promotes the work of JAWS and newsmaking events to media outlets.
  • Newsletter – Prepares content and edits SharkBytes. (Connie Ho)
  • Social Media – Year-round subcommittee overseeing JAWS’ official social media channels. (Chair Stacy-Marie Ishamael. Staff support from Ankita Rao)
  • Web – Assesses our web needs and develops plans for enhancing and improving the site. (Chair Stephanie Yamkovenko. Staff support from Connie Ho)

6. Nominations Committee – Oversees recruitment and nomination of candidates for service on the JAWS board, with an emphasis on diversity of ages, races and ethnicities, media and regions. Its members are announced by July 31, in advance of the annual conference. The committee collects nominations and screens for eligibility and interest in serving. It presents a slate of officers and directors for approval at the general membership meeting in the fall. Nominations may also be made from the floor. (Chair Melinda Voss, Yumi Wilson, Liz Seegert)

7. Fundraising and Development Committee – Works with the board to raise funds and develop sources of revenue to sustain and expand JAWS programs and services. (Chair: Pam Moreland. Staff support from Kat Rowlands, Sue Cross)

  • Legacy Fund Subcommittee: Reviews the cash value of the JAWS Legacy Fund and recommends to the JAWS Board what the Legacy Fund program should be and the maximum that should be spent. (Chair: Judy Miller with Glenda Holste. Betsy Wade of counsel.)
  • JAWS@30 Auction Subcommittee: A special “legacy” auction in addition to premium merchandise online and at camp. (Chair: Pam Moreland) Fellowship Fundraising Subcommittee: (Meg Heckman)
  • JAWS@30 Fundraising Subcommittee: A separate, one-time development effort for the 30th anniversary.
  • Sustainability Development Subcommittee: Foundation, corporate, individual donations and bequests to support JAWS for the long-term.
  • End of the Year Fundraising Subcommittee: (Kat Rowlands)
  • Independent Revenue Sources Subcommittee: Explore sophisticated revenue streams and develop strategies. (Pam Moreland with staff support from Connie Ho)


The following committees were temporary for part of 2014 and 2015. They are now defunct.

Future Staffing Committee June – December 2014:

With input from the membership, this committee will carefully assess what the organization really needs now that we are a larger, more active group with 700+ members and a strategic plan that calls for more year-round activities in addition to CAMP. The committee will research the staffing levels and structures of similar organizations as well as look at the evolution of JAWS in recent years. The committee will make recommendations to the board about ideal staff roles in as timely a way as possible. (Chair: Dawn Garcia with assist from Karen Cheung-Larivee, Gwyneth Doland, Linda Kramer Jenning, Megan Kamerick, Judy Miller, Hilary Powell and Melinda Voss)

NEW STAFFING Committee December 2014-June 2015:

Implements staff decisions made by the board, including job posting, search, and setting salary ranges. Makes hiring recommendations to the president for action by the Executive Committee. (Chair: Sandra Fish with Sheila Solomon, Dawn Garcia and Megan Kamerick)


Screens applications, interviews candidates and makes recommendations to the President and President-elect to take to the Executive Committee. (Sheila Solomon, Pam Moreland, Kira Zalan, Merrill Perlman, Megan Kamerick)