Sarah Garrecht Gassen

Sarah Garrecht Gassen is the Editorial Page Editor, award-winning columnist and host of the opinion podcast “The Point Being” at the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson, where she has taught at the University of Arizona School of Journalism for more than a decade. She is a mentor with JAWS, a mentor/editor with The OpEd Project and captain of the Arizona Regional Group.

She began her career at The Associated Press and is a regular contributor to public affairs radio and television programs. She manages university students who work in The Star’s newsroom in an apprentice journalist program and has been a faculty member with The New York Times Student Journalism Institute.

She specializes in coverage of education, children, social services and immigration policy. She’s passionate about disability issues and applied that to her 2010 University of Arizona Master’s Thesis: “Cultural Disability: Stories from journalists confined by outdated attitudes in the newsroom.”