CAMP 2019: Why Williamsburg?

CAMP 2019: Why Williamsburg?

By Sheila Solomon I’m excited Williamsburg is the site of this year’s CAMP. Having grown up a few miles away in Newport News, I can’t count the number of times Williamsburg figured into both my leisure and learning. It’s still a place I miss and I try and visit whenever I’m in the area. What’s important to understand is that the truth of the settlement is still being uncovered. It was never as simple as white colonists, slaves and Native Americans — though that’s what we were taught until the voices for change got louder and louder in the 1980s. […]

JAWS CAMP 2019 Speakers: Trailblazers and Truth Tellers

BREAKING: Line-up for annual gathering of women journalists includes first African American journalist hired by The Washington Post, first Native woman graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Journalism program and first African American CEO of the Center for Public Integrity. The Journalism and Women Symposium is proud to announce the keynote speakers for its 2019 Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP), which will be held in Williamsburg, Virginia, from Sept. 20-22. The line-up includes groundbreaking women in journalism whose lives and work embody the theme of CAMP, “Facing Our Past, Defining Our Future.” “We are very excited to bring these impressive […]

Spread the word about JAWS fellowships

By Jane Isay Fellows are an important component at CAMP. They bring fresh ideas, they teach us, while we try to teach them, and we hope that they will form the next generation of JAWS members. So, if you know young journalists who meet our criteria and who would enjoy being part of our amazing organization, please encourage them to apply for the fellowships. Put the word out, continue our mission, and be sure to come to JAWS 2019 to meet our newcomers and to greet them warmly and include them in our magic CAMP. So far this year we […]

Yumi Wilson resigns as JAWS President

The Journalism & Women Symposium is grateful to Yumi Wilson for her service as president of the Board of Directors during a challenging year and a half of growth and change. Under JAWS bylaws, Vice President Lindsey Anderson will become interim president, continuing to work closely with President-Elect Mira Lowe, who will begin her two-year term as president at the annual conference in September. On Wednesday, the JAWS Board of Directors will vote to appoint a 13th member to complete the Board. The Board is committed to furthering equity and inclusion in JAWS and is currently interviewing candidates to lead […]

CAMP 2013: Becoming a digital author

[caption id="attachment_3078" align="alignleft" width="300"]Jane Friedman talks e-books at JAWS 2013. Jane Friedman talks e-books at JAWS 2013.[/caption]

By 2013 JAWS Fellow Arielle Stevenson

Publishing an independent e-book has its perks, most programs to create your e-book are free to use and non-exclusive. Updating or changing e-books at-will is relatively easy and typically unlimited. And putting an e-book together requires little technical expertise. You control the pricing and unlike traditional publishing, there’s no gatekeeper and you control the rights.

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