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Branding U: Building your journalism “Brand”

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Megan Cotrell loves writing about public housing in Chicago. Robin Phillips finds her brand predates her knowledge of it. Mary Curtis stays flexible with media platforms and shares her passions for culture and politics.

Whether branding intentionally or by accident, JAWS CAMP panelists understand what makes them unique and how to use their passions and skills to build and develop closer relationships with their audiences.

Those elements meld into each woman’s brand, sometimes empowering, sometimes overwhelming, always undeniable. “If you think you are not a brand, you are fooling yourself,” Phillips said.

Curtis had been building her brand for years. She just didn’t know it until she was laid off from her journalism job. About a week after she became unemployed, calls for jobs started. She guest blogged, wrote stories and even landed a television gig. “Try anything,” Curtis said. “Don’t be afraid to fail. You still can be confident in what you do. You just have to try new things.”

Strategy in relationship building matters as you take part in the continuous conversation that defines the evolving essence of your brand, or “Me, Inc.,” according to Phillips.

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To cement your brand, Phillips recommended a few simple steps:

• Get your URL

• Set up your website (it can be free and it doesn’t have to be fancy)

• Use different types of social media for different purposes (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

The panel, moderated by Lisen Stromberg, included a link to a blog developed specifically for the session:


–By Elissa Yancey