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Secretary: Mira Lowe

mira-loweMira Lowe is Director of the Innovation News Center (INC) at the University of Florida, College of Journalism and Communications.

Sarah Garrecht Gassen

sarah-garrecht-gassenSarah Garrecht Gassen is the Editorial Page Editor, award-winning columnist and host of the opinion podcast “The Point Being” at the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson, where she has taught at the University of Arizona School of Journalism for more than a decade.

Honoring Dinah Witchel

In Memoriam l

By Becky Day, past JAWS Executive Director

I’m sure I was just one of many women who spent time this past weekend reflecting the remarkable career of Dinah Witchel. Her work as an author, editor and writer inspired women everywhere, no more so than with her long involvement as a member of the Journalism & Women Symposium. I can’t remember a time when she wasn’t on the JAWS membership roster.

Remembering Mary Thom

In Memoriam l

By Peg Simpson, JAWS member

I met Mary Thom in 1988 when I opened a Washington bureau for MS Magazine and its new owners, Australians Anne Summers and Sandra Yates.

Mary had stayed on from the original MS startup editing team and she scared me to death. She was a larger than life presence.
I had not even free-lanced for MS and here I was, working with one of the women present at the creation.

I did think I knew everything about the women’s political movement, having covered it since 1971 for the AP and then as a Washington correspondent for Working Woman magazine.

I realized, early on, that Mary knew a lot more. She didn’t lord that over me. She shared her incredible depth of knowledge.
She proved easy to brainstorm with and very user-friendly to work with.

Diana B. Henriques

Diana HenriquesDiana B. Henriques, an award-winning financial journalist, is the author of The Wizard of Lies, the New York Times bestseller about the Bernie Madoff scandal, and three other books on business history. A writer for The New York Times since 1989, she has largely specialized in investigative reporting on white-collar crime, market regulation and corporate governance.

Lisa Stone

Lisa StoneLisa Stone is Co-founder and CEO of BlogHer, Inc. Reaching 55 million women each month, BlogHer is the leading cross-platform media network and publisher created by, for and with women writers and social media leaders.

Jill Geisler

JillBlue1-profileJill Geisler is an internationally recognized expert in leadership and management.

Geneva Overholser

Geneva OverholserGeneva Overholser is an independent journalist based in New York City. She is the former director of the USC Annenberg School of Journalism. Previously, she held the Curtis B. Hurley Chair in Public Affairs Reporting for the Missouri School of Journalism, where she was based in the school’s Washington bureau.

2012-2017 Strategic Plan Summary

Guiding and Important Documents l

Our Mission: JAWS promotes the professional empowerment and personal growth of women in journalism and works toward a more accurate portrayal of the whole society. Our Vision:  Going forward, therefore, the women of JAWS must practice journalism that educates, engages, and empowers civil society. We must encourage diversity in all its aspects, in both our […]

Oral History Project in the works

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The Journalism & Women Symposium, in conjunction with the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism, is launching an oral history project that will create a multimedia archive of the oral histories of its members gathered by graduate students trained at the university. The archive will be housed at the University of Missouri’s journalism library with […]