Training and Mentorship

The cornerstone of JAWS’ work is training and mentorship. Often this takes place at our annual Conference and Mentorship Program (CAMP) gathering, but we also strive to provide opportunities for members to connect through regional gatherings and trainings. In addition, we also work to partner up mentors who wish to share their experience and expertise with mentees who seek to grow, advance and lead. We call this symbiosis, as mentoring is often a two-way exchange.

CAMP 2015: Not On My Watch

JAWS CAMP 2015 l

By Bethany Barnes, 2015 JAWS Fellow

20151011_CAMP_058v2What we need to change in the culture of our newsrooms is what’s needed for all great stories: strong verbs. At the 2015 Journalism and Women Symposium plenary session “Not On My Watch,” Mary C. Curtis, an award-winning multimedia journalist, and Jill Geisler, an expert in newsroom leadership and management, encouraged the audience to view diversity as action.

CAMP 2015: 4 lessons from the ONA-Poynter Digital Women’s Leadership Academy

JAWS CAMP 2015 l

By Nicole Chavez, 2015 JAWS Fellow

Many women are at the forefront of digital media. Some create or produce content, others are showing leadership potential and many are already leading digital newsrooms across the United States. A diverse group of those 25 women was selected from nearly 500 applicants to attend the first Online News Association-Poynter Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media last April.

Jane McDonnell, executive director of ONA, shared at the 2015 JAWS CAMP four important things that organizers and faculty learned during the leadership academy, which they hope will serve as a guide to improve their next seminar.

CAMP 2015: Covering race, police and communities

JAWS CAMP 2015 l

By Lisa Maria Garza, 2015 JAWS Fellow

Journalists who cover race and police issues in America tend to parachute into communities, focus on the loudest voices and ignore the real issue of racism, panelists discussed Saturday at JAWS.

In the aftermath of the Freddie Gray shooting, worldwide media played on loop a clip of black people looting a CVS store in Baltimore as it burned to the ground during street protests that showcased obvious tension with police, panelists and attendees said.

“No one showed the picture of people coming the next day to clean the CVS,” said Susy Schultz, outgoing JAWS vice president and Community Media Workshop president at a session titled “Covering Race, Police & Communities.”

CAMP 2015: Essential apps for mobile storytelling

JAWS CAMP 2015 l

By Nicole Chavez, JAWS Fellow

You can turn your phone into your best ally for reporting and also promote your work on social media with just a few clicks.

“It’s not really to engage your audience, it’s to attract new people to your platform,” said Jackie Spinner, assistant professor of journalism at Columbia College Chicago and correspondent for Columbia Journalism Review. It’s as much about branding as reporting.

At CAMP 2015, Spinner went over the basics of how to take better photos with your smartphone, what apps can turn your phone into a better camera and also a few apps that can help you distribute your photos and stories.

CAMP 2015: Washington for Sale 2016

JAWS CAMP 2015 l

By Cassie Cope, 2015 JAWS Fellow

Campaign finance is the best beat ever, according to a journalist who investigates political spending.

That’s because someone has to follow the money, said Carrie Levine, a campaign finance reporter for the Center for Public Integrity.

“If someone is going to figure out who is getting rich here, who is breaking the rules, it is on us,” Levine said.

Levine was joined by Denise Roth Barber of the National Institute on Money in State Politics and Nancy Watzman of Television Archive in leading the “Washington for Sale 2016” session at the JAWS Conference and Mentoring Project. Alison Fitzgerald Kodjak of NPR moderated.

CAMP 2015: Pre-conference data visualization workshop

JAWS CAMP 2015 l

By Kirstin Garriss, 2015 JAWS Fellow

Stories and datasets have one thing in common — details. As journalists, we weave details in and out of sentences to create stories. You can do the same thing with data.

All day Friday, a packed room of journalists learned how to mine rows of numbers and text to extract stories important to readers.

During the 2015 DataViz workshop at JAWS CAMP in Whitefish, Mont., the journalists explored the world of data through visualization and learned how to creatively present data to an audience. Cheryl Phillips, a Stanford University data journalism lecturer, shared some quick tips for mastering Excel and explained how to incorporate your data into storytelling. Tableau customer community specialist Lauren Rogers showed how to turn data into visuals.

CAMP 2015: Celebrate JAWS authors at Books & Browse

JAWS CAMP 2015 l

By Michele Weldon, CAMP Books & Browse Coordinator

What has 12 legs, six books, thousands of pages and an hour devoted to it on the JAWS Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) schedule Friday night? Books & Browse is the heralded tradition at CAMP when you can chat with JAWS authors and have them sign their books. This year, B&B will follow the Friday night dinner and come before the throwback to 1985 party.

Veteran JAWS members Jane Isay, Jeannie Morris, Caryl Rivers and myself will be talking truth in recently published books about secrets, relationships, politics, gender, work, media, parenting and more. We will also have a spot for veteran members Mary C. Curtis and Lisen Stromberg to discuss their contributions to an upcoming book on Hillary Clinton.

Regional gatherings recap: July 2015

Regional Gatherings l

JAWS D.C.: On July 15, Peggy Simpson hosted the JAWS dinner she had generously auctioned off at CAMP. Enjoying the sunshine on Peggy’s D.C., rooftop garden are Peggy, Kira Zalan, Arnesa Howell, Linda Kramer Jenning, Angela Greiling Keane, Nikki Raz and Emily Shenk. Missing from the photo are Bonnie Rollins (who was taking the photo) and Pat Sullivan who was on the phone.

JAWS SoCal: Lottie Joiner met up with local JAWS members in Southern California following training as a National Journalism Health Fellow at USC. Shout out to SoCal Regional Captain Megan Sweas, who organized the gathering.

CAMP 2015: Los Angeles Times’ Mitra Kalita to present keynote at CAMP

JAWS CAMP 2015 l

mitra_kalitaBy Linda Kramer Jenning, JAWS President

Los Angeles Times managing editor S. Mitra Kalita will be joining JAWS in Whitefish, Mont., to give the Saturday dinner keynote talk at our 30th anniversary Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP).

You might already know Kalita from when she worked at The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Associated Press or Newsday, or more recently when she was the founding ideas editor at Quartz and then its executive editor at large. She oversaw the launches of Quartz India and Quartz Africa. This fascinating career path also included a sojourn in India, where she became the founding editor of Mint, a business paper in New Delhi.