Regional Gatherings

Here are a few reports from JAWS events around the country. Stay-tuned for more news about JAWS gatherings in your area! Contact a JAWS Regional Captain to get involved at the local level.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Atlanta, Georgia


Bay Area, California


Boston, Massachusetts

Chicago, Illinois

Denver, Colorado

District of Columbia

Frederick, Maryland

Gulf Coast, Florida

Iowa City, Iowa

New York City

Northern New England


Seattle, Washington

Southern California

South Florida

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Regional gatherings recap: March 2014

Regional Gatherings l

BayAreaRegionalEventJAWS Bay Area: A dozen JAWdesses gathered at the home of past president Katherine Ann Rowlands in Oakland on March 13 to celebrate the publication of Caryl Rivers’ insightful new book, “The New Soft War on Women: How the Myth of Female Ascendance Is Hurting Women, Men – and Our Economy.” There was a wonderful discussion about her book, the need to include men in the discussion about empowering women, and how to define leadership for women in journalism.

JAWS Seattle reinvigorated

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Better Kat picBy Katherine Ann Rowlands, JAWS Ambassador

JAWS is making headway in establishing new — or renewed — chapters around the country, with the most recent effort to gather women journalists in Seattle.

Susanna Ray, a former reporter with Bloomberg, will be our new regional captain for the area, with help from longtime member Joy Cordell, who is creating a new Google group for journalists in the region. They were both key to organizing a Feb. 27 event with Tableau Software training, attended by local JAWdesses and a couple of us who were in town for the Association of Writers and Writer Programs conference.

Join JAWS’ spring fling potluck in May

Regional Gatherings l

Jennifer dePaulBy Jen DePaul, JAWS Board Member, Chair of Regional Gatherings

We’d like to announce the first annual JAWS “Spring Fling Potluck!” Most of our active chapters already host regular monthly gatherings, usually in the form of a happy hour. We want to challenge you to ramp up your regional gathering by hosting a potluck in the month of May. Our goal is to have every active chapter (Bay Area; Boston; Chicago; D.C.; Frederick, Md.; New York City; Seattle; and Southern Calif.) participate in this event.

Regional gatherings recap: February 2014

Regional Gatherings l

JAWS D.C.: Former board member Roberta Baskin hosted a JAWS gathering Jan. 20 at the eclectic Mansion on O in Washington, D.C. More than 20 JAWdesses turned up at the bar, then roamed the mansion to search for more than 30 secret passages, admire the artworks and buy a few tchotchkes. They assembled in a private room (through a secret door) to catch up on life and livelihoods. Roberta handed out random quotations by women for women, and they talked about how each fragment of wisdom and humor resonated in their lives. Thanks to Roberta for organizing a great event.

California JAWS Trainings

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JAWS members in the Bay Area benefited from two recent training sessions to boost social media skills.

Board member and journalism instructor Sandra Fish showed about 25 women the latest in how Storify can be used to tell great stories as they evolve. Members who came to the March event at the home of JAWS President Kat Rowlands asked for more. So in June, JAWS Secretary and journalism instructor Teresa Puente gave a three-hour workshop on social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkeIn and Google+ for a dozen women at the new offices of the Oakland Tribune.

D.C. book party gathering

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JAWS members in D.C. gathered at Patricia Sullivan’s house this weekend for a fun book party for “Deadlines,” a murder mystery novel by Paul McHugh, my journalist-turned-novelist husband. Almost a dozen JAWS members  plus a number of Stanford Knight Fellow alums & other friends attended.