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JAWS embraces journalists in all fields and has a growing number of members with multimedia skills. If you have a video you would like to see highlighted in this space, contact

Writing about science – Interview with Casey Rentz

casey_rentzScience journalist Casey Rentz talks about the beauty and perils of covering science as a part of the womanKind video series, whose mission is “to increase the appreciation and recognition of women’s everyday contributions through positive dialogue, thereby challenging perceptions of success and visibility, and furthering the advancement of women in all aspects of society.”

365 women on power; liking ourselves

Fara WarnerA crowd-sourced video and photography project created by Fara Warner, Stacie Brew, and hundreds of women completing the phrase: “I am powerful because….” Men are welcome to join us by answering the phrase in reference to a woman they love, honor and respect. For example, “I am powerful because of my mother.”