As you consider who and what you support, please think of donating to the Journalism and Women Symposium. Help us fulfill our mission of advancing women in journalism and working toward a more accurate portrayal of the whole society. It’s easy to think the battles so many of our veteran members waged decades ago have been won. Sadly, journalism lags compared to many other professions. Here are some facts you may not know:

  • A mere 10% of radio news directors are women.
  • Only 37% of full-time daily newspaper reporters and editors are women.
  • Women broadcast 40% of the news stories on TV, but are only 28% of the news directors – those who decide what news is worthy to broadcast.
  • Women make up just 22% of Sunday morning news guests and only 20% of published op-eds are written by women.
  • And on a global level, only 24% of news stories are about women.

For anyone who believes that information providers must truly reflect our democracy, these statistics should be a concern. The lack of diverse voices is reflected in the coverage we see every day. For more than a decade, public debate in the U.S. has become more strident and polarized. At a time when the free flow of information is more like a flood, we need to ensure that journalists, and the companies that employ them, reflect the diversity of society and represent all facets of the news.

JAWS tackles these issues head on with a combination of training, mentoring, and networking that has proven to be a powerful bulwark against the industry’s economic turmoil and gender discrimination. Each year we support a group of emerging women journalists to attend our annual Conference and Mentoring Program (CAMP) with fellowships and match them with mentors who give guidance on career planning, self-advocacy and leadership. We have brought top-notch speakers such as Gloria Steinem, Jill Abramson and Nikole Hannah-Jones to inspire and challenge our members. We offer multimedia training to keep our members competitive in a challenging environment. Indeed, several of our members have launched online media organizations, including Women’s eNews and the St. Louis Beacon, coming back to talk about their endeavors and inspire others. Others have created their own entrepreneurial multimedia projects.  We are proud of our success stories, but we need your help to continue and grow.

Here is what your tax-deductible donation can do:

$30   Fund the Future: Fund our membership efforts to spread the word about JAWS to other women journalists across the country.

$75   Support a Sister: Your donation will be combined with others and supports the regional workshops we provide to JAWS members throughout the year.

$150   Commit to Change: We will pool your contribution with others to give more young women the JAWS experience with a CAMP fellowship or other assistance to help build careers for women in journalism.

$300   Subsidize a Speaker: Combined with other funds your donation will help underwrite a CAMP speaker’s fees and travel expenses making this year’s conference the best CAMP ever.

$600   Weave the Web: Help cover the costs of updating the JAWS website and revamping the listserv ensuring we all stay connected.

$1000   Swim with the Sharks: Earn your very own silver shark by joining our most supportive JAWS members who are committed to ensuring women’s voices are heard loud and clear.

JAWS relies on the support of donors big and small, in addition to our membership dues and earned income. All board members endeavor to contribute at least $500 and many JAWS members contribute to our Annual Campaign. Because JAWS is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), donations are tax deductible (Tax-ID 84-1077803). We thank you for your support.


You can also pay by check, made out to Journalism and Women Symposium and mailed to JAWS Headquarters:

2885 Sanford Ave. SW, #29226
Grandville, MI 49418-1342