Benefits and Services

What are some benefits of JAWS membership?

Our growing network offers motivation, support and career tips as we share the ups and downs of the evolving world of journalism and strategize on how to make it a better environment for women. Some key benefits available to members include:

  • Mentoring that can be with a designated mentor anytime of the year and informal mentoring that takes place via the listserv or whenever two or more members meet up.
  • A nationwide membership directory available to members only that you can use to find journalists whose expertise you may want to tap or to find other journalists in a specific location.
  • A national listserv that provides job leads, career resources and a forum to discuss issues important to our members and to the mission of JAWS.
  • The annual Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) and regional gatherings around the country offer a range of workshops and skills training and conversations about the issues shaping journalism today.
  • The opportunity to interact with other motivating and inspiring women engaged in all kinds of journalism platforms and at all levels from those on their first job to those running newsrooms.
  • Health and business insurance benefits.
  • One of the major benefits of membership? You are giving back and supporting other women in journalism.


How does the listserv work?

Our active national listserv is open to current members only. All conversations are archived.

Regional JAWS groups also have listservs that offer local workshops, job connections and social events and may include some nonmembers.


What is discussed on the listserv?

The Journalism and Women Symposium has a robust listserv where members can ask questions and provide advice. A recent question posed to the group was recommendations for those applying for internships. If you are interested in reading more on this topic, check out this blog post.

We also held a Google Hangout on the topic, click on the image to access the video on the members-only site. We also encourage you to apply for a JAWS membership for access to the listserv.