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By Melinda Voss, Nominations Chair and past board member

On behalf of the Nominations Committee, it is my pleasure to invite JAWS members to submit names of qualified nominees for serving as an officer or board member of the 2015-16 Journalism and Women Symposium Board of Directors. Nominations are being accepted until July 1 for these positions:

  • Vice president
  • Deputy vice president (in place of a president-elect)
  • Four board positions

Serving on the Board of Directors is a rich opportunity to contribute to JAWS, to help develop the organization and expand one’s leadership skills. The Nominating Committee seeks to nominate candidates who:

  • Reflect the diversity of our membership and society at large
  • Care passionately about promoting the professional empowerment and personal growth of women in journalism and
  • Will actively contribute their energy, talents, skills and wisdom to strengthening JAWS as a financially stable organization with rich programming and services that meet its members’ needs. We need board members who have these skills or who are willing to develop them in such areas as fundraising, finance, membership, technology and development.

Eligibility for the JAWS board: Any active member who has attended CAMP at least twice. Attending CAMP this fall in Montana can count as the second CAMP. Officers and board members serve one- or two-year terms. All are elected by a vote of the membership. Election of JAWS officers and new board members takes place at the annual business meeting, in conjunction with our fall Conference and Mentoring Project.

If you submit a name other than your own, please contact the person beforehand to secure their approval. In addition, the Nominations Committee may seek out members to be nominated. Nominees will be asked to submit a short questionnaire and statement of willingness to serve.

To nominate yourself or someone for an officer or board position, submit an email with the qualifications and why the person is being nominated to: by July 1. Members are free to submit their own names or those of others.

For more information about board members’ duties, go to the Board of Directors page on the JAWS website. If you have additional questions, please contact me at the email below.

Melinda Voss, chair and past board member
2015-16 JAWS Nominations Committee

Committee Members

Liz Seegert, current board member
Yumi Wilson, past board member
Sandra Fish, ex-officio, president-elect 2015-16