Got an idea for CAMP? Please take this survey.

20151009_CAMP_005v2JAWS Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) 2016 needs a program that rockets newswomen into the future, and the board is turning to the sharpest minds anywhere for suggestions — you.

Is there a panel or speaker who will give us all the mental or emotional boost we need? Please let us know.


  • We seek programs steeped in news, politics and technology that reflect national diversity, women’s issues, and thought-provoking trends and developments in the journalism landscape.
  • We strive to cover the complete spectrum of gender, culture, age and race. Diversity has always been a core value of JAWS, and needs to be reflected both in the content of our programs and in our presenters.
  • Proposals may be submitted by an individual or a team. JAWS members should feel free to brainstorm an idea on the listserv to flesh it out and find collaborators, then submit it to us here. Plan to be the prime organizer for your speaker/panel.

We really do want to hear your suggestions, and we must have these on or before January 15, 2016 in order for them to be considered. After January 15, the board may need to add speakers to address the news landscape or fill program gaps, but it will be too late for us to accept submissions.

Submit your idea here.