JAWS auction update: Thank you!

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Better Kat picBy Kat Rowlands, Development Director

Competitive shopping made for lots of happy JAWS members this month as jewelry, books, vacation homes and professional coaching were all snapped up at the on-site auction at the Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) and in the online auction open to all via BiddingForGood. All the money raised in the auctions goes toward supporting programming at CAMP and during the rest of the year.

The on-site auction grossed $5,023 (pushed over the top by two huckleberry pies) and the online auction (with more than 50 items, including vacation stays in beautiful destinations like Joshua Tree, Calif.; Sundance, Utah; and Cape Canaveral, Fla.) garnered $8,395 this year. That makes for a record total of  $13,418 — well done! Many thanks to auction chair Pam Moreland, web manager Connie Ho and all the donors, bidders and wranglers who helped make this a success.

For those of you keeping track, we have raised $43,275 (minus a bit for credit card and web hosting fees) over the past four years to help JAWS bring you great programming at CAMP and provide membership and event support during the rest of the year. Three years ago, the board launched the online version of our traditional auction so that everyone — not just CAMPers — could participate, and the results have been impressive: Our total was $7,677 in 2012; $13,293 in 2013; $8,887 in 2014; and then the record $13,418 this year.

Small items like purses, necklaces and media swag are fun and make it possible for everyone to take home something. But the addition of special tours, professional advice and vacation homes, which draw the biggest bids, make a difference. So if YOU have a home in the mountains, by a beach or in a fabulous city like New York or Paris, please consider donating it for a long weekend or week next time so that JAWS can benefit. The board is considering a winter/spring auction for 2016 so email katherine.rowlands@gmail.com before Dec. 31 if you have an online item to donate.