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Journalism & Women Symposium logoBy Andrea Stone, JAWS membership committee co-chair

The board of directors voted at their spring meeting to approve new membership categories and fees designed to keep up with the changing nature of our profession and to keep JAWS a viable organization. This new membership schedule goes in effect May 15, 2017:

New Voting Member: $50 for first year
The following people may join as a Voting Member of JAWS:

  • Journalists who are employed in digital news; broadcast, cable or online TV; radio or podcasts; newspapers; news services or syndicates; magazines; and social platforms that disseminate news and information.
  • Journalists whose primary occupation is freelancing in the fields listed above.
  • Journalism educators and administrators.
  • People whose primary occupation is research or publishing in the field of journalism.
  • People employed by organizations dedicated to serving journalists.

Continuing Voting Member: $75 a year; two-year membership, $140.

Student: $35 a year
Those currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program who demonstrate an interest in journalism may join at a discounted rate, as non-voting members.

Emerging Professional: $50 for each of first two years after leaving school
Recent graduates who are working in journalism (see definition for Voting Members) are eligible for a reduced membership rate of $50 a year for the first two years after they leave school. Emerging professionals have voting privileges.

Associate Member: $75 a year
Associate members have access to resources on the website and can participate in regional and national gatherings and online activities such as listservs, webinars and tweet chats. Associate members are NOT eligible to vote and cannot hold office.

Associate membership is open to the following:

  • Former journalists with at least three years and who embrace or further the mission of Journalism and Women Symposium.
  • Freelance journalists who currently spend less than 50 percent of their time working for independent news organizations and who do not pitch stories on behalf of clients to other journalists nor have any media relations role and who embrace or further the mission of Journalism and Women Symposium.

Lifetime Member: $1,200