Fall Symposium 2008

JAWS CAMP 2008 l

JAWS 2008

It was another wonderful camp in Bartlett, N.H. Great panels, inspiring keynote speakers, energetic young scholarship winners, wonderful camaraderie!

Talia Buford reports on telling women’s stories abroad here. And Vijaysree Venkatraman tells about the breakfast conversation at camp here.

For some great summaries of what went on, check out the liveblogging from some of our newest members here.

As we approach our 25th anniversary year, JAWS is honored to be selected for a $50,000 challenge grant. To achieve this anniversary challenge, we’ll need your help! Read more here.

In coming weeks, we’ll be posting tip sheets and more info on the members’ only area.

Meanwhile, we thank JAWS poet laureate Charreah Jackson for kicking off the weekend with another great original poem. For those who missed it and for those who’d love to read those words again, here it is:

JAWS of Life

They never saw it coming.


Emergency! Emergency!

Life is on the line.

Who will save us now?

First to arrive on the scene. He runs.

Bur, Mr. Fireman, just won’t do.

We need some serious power, the right finesse, strength to rise above this wrecked mess

Tick. Tock.

She steps on the scene.

You’ve been looking all over the world, and in this little space is all you need

The JAWS of Life are here, to lend a helping hand

To humanity, to history, to people dying to be free – literally

But she must hurry

We’ve only got a little time


Dig deep to give life.

Let a little light inside that dark space

Heart beats. She Prys.

The JAWS of Life are here

Amazing warriors with swords called pens

A quilt of storytellers who cloak each other in understanding,

shared experiences of comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.

And who better to comfort then the earth’s natural nurturers?

And who better to afflict then the smoothest operators around with the acute ability to run things without letting followers know who’s running the show

One who screams for her little ones to come in as the street lights come on, as her midnight oil burns bright.

And in a time of downsizes, and buyouts and requests for one woman shows for half the pay

This is no fairy tale

No glamorous affair to sell

Yes, times have gotten better since Anita Hill testified to a 98% male Senate, your stories let me know

But as I go to work in Times Square, I walk by nutcrackers sold in the window

With the body of Senator Hilary Clinton on top

See why we just can’t stop?

Opening the Jaws of Life

Prying to let in the light

We must continue to fight

Sisters in Solidarity

Our voices needed for clarity

Pushing each other towards a better you and me, opening collective eyes to see

Because we chased our dreams and not money

Our hands are always free

To stand guard for truth and accuracy

Respecting the rich legacies

Fran, Nancy, Theo Eileen and Joan C

Yeah, that’s me

That’s You

Take breaths and enjoy the ground we’ve gained

Meet a new face, remember an old name

Because while each day you document history

We also make it just by choosing to be

A group of heartbreakers, healers, and women who don’t believe in ‘no’

And the grace to not have to say, ‘I told you so’

The Jaws of Life

Pry, pry, there is much to be done

Sigh, when you need to and remember the good times of camp fun

Then keep rolling up those sleeves

inspiring the next generation to come on the scene

and open their jaws wide

Always prying,

The JAWS of Life