JAWS CAMP 2011 l
2011 jaws camp

(Clockwise) Pam Moreland, Jane P. Marshall and Pat Sullivan, Blue Ridge Parkway, Lynn Sweet, Women and War panel.

This is an aggregate of camp events and sessions. If we are missing something here you’d like to see, please email us. Scroll over to find the links to blogposts on these sessions….

Resources for Women and War panels: Click here.

Blog of Women and War Part I is here.

The blog for Women and War Part II is here.

An interview of Peggy Simpson, one of our JAWS legends.

Diana Henriques’ great Shanahan talk.

Getting the most from Google.

Check out the JAWS Branding U blog by clicking here.

Teaching millennials.

Funding a career shift.

Margie Freivogel’s keynote talk.

The millennials speak out.

The future of audio.