Women & War, JAWS 2011

JAWS CAMP 2011 l

A mediography to supplement the conference sessions Women and War of the 2011 Journalism & Women Symposium, Sept. 24 in Asheville, N.C. Scroll over the items to reveal the links highlighted in red.

Why is it important for women to cover wars?
Selected reports and commentary

“Why We Need Women in War Zones” New York Times op-ed by Kim Barker

“The Silencing Crime: Sexual violence and journalists” By Lauren Wolfe, Committee to Protect Journalists

“Lara Logan Breaks Her Silence” a 60 Minutes video

Christiane Amanpour on Lara Logan, Jan. 21, 2011, CNN video

“Rape in Wartime, Listening to the Victims” by JAWS camper Ashley Fantz, CNN

“Untold Stories of Rape During the Holocaust” by JAWS camper Jessica Ravitz, CNN

Conflict Zone, the online version of a multimedia exhibit of the work of combat photojournalists. The actual exhibit travels around the country. JAWS member Jackie Spinner is co-director of Conflict Zone.

“Women War Correspondents: They Are Different in So Many Ways,” Neiman Reports, Winter 2009

“How Violent Sex Helped Ease My PTSD,” by Mac McClelland in Good

We Stand on Their Shoulders: Historical perspectives

Library of Congress presentation “Women Come to the Front.”

“First Women Correspondents Reported During World War II”, a video

Washington Press Club Foundation Oral History Project:
Helen Kirkpatrick Milbank
Ruth Cowan Nash

Video companion to Penny Colman’s profiles book for young readers “Pioneering Women War Correspondents”

“Women With Deadlines,” National Women’s History Museum exhibit

The National Women and Media Collection at the State Historical Society of Missouri Archives contain the papers of many reporters, editors and producers.

Homefront Heroines, a multimedia project on women who served in the WAVES in World War II by Kathleen M. Ryan


“I Is for Infidel: From Holy War to Holy Terror: 18 Years Inside Afghanistan” by Kathy Gannon

“The Taliban Shuffle” by Kim Barker

“Tell Them I Didn’t Cry” by JAWS sister Jackie Spinner and her sister Jenny Spinner

“With Their Backs to the World” by Åsne Seierstad

“Women of the World: The Great Foreign Correspondents” by Julia Edwards

“War Torn: Stories of War from the Women Reporters Who Covered Vietnam” by JAWS sisters Tad Bartimus, Edie Lederer, Laura Palmer and others

“Chienne de Guerre” by Anne Nivat

“The Wake of War” by Anne Nivat

“The Last Kestrel” by Jill McGivering

“Fighting for Air” by Liz Trotta

“War, Women and the News” by Catherine Gourley

“Between Two Worlds” by former Shanahan Speaker and Women for Women International founder Zainab Salbi

“Winners & Losers” by Gloria Emerson

“Fire in the Lake” by Frances Fitzgerald

“Escape the Wolf: A Security Handbook for Traveling Professionals” by Clint Emerson with Lynn Walters


Escape the Wolf. Security consulting and training

Committee to Protect Journalists, Security Guidelines about Sexual Assault

Committee to Protect Journalists, Security Training and Sexual Assault

New York Times editorial on PTSD care for military women who have been sexually assaulted