CAMP 2016: Sharing is caring

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By Marina Villeneuve, JAWS CAMP co-chair

Sharing is caring — and it’s no different at CAMP.

Whether it’s a pen during a workshop, coffees before early morning sessions or a tasty meal at a nearby diner, the annual Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) is a time when things are freely shared.

We especially love sharing rides and hotel rooms. A list is available for those looking for a ride or a roomie, or for those with a room or car to share.

And we’ve shared a lot of stories and advice over the years at CAMP, including:

  • Thoughts from the late Dori Maynard on gender, race and journalism;
  • A look at politics and feminism from legend Gloria Steinem;
  • And countless workshops where journalists share their strengths to empower others — whether it’s new media skills or interviewing techniques.

At CAMP this year, we’ll be sharing:

  • Tales and lessons learned from covering recent high-profile shootings in Dallas, Orlando and elsewhere;
  • Perspectives from Muslim-American journalists in an age of ISIS and Islamophobia;
  • Practical advice for overcoming workplace discrimination;
  • Financing planning advice for journalists at all stages of their career;
  • How to build trust with sources;
  • Books! Lots and lots of books.