JAWdesses come together in Oakland

Regional Gatherings l

JAWS President-Elect Kat Rowlands opened her warm & art-filled home in Oakland, California for a regional JAWS gathering on Dec. 8 — what a great holiday event!

Some 15 women in journalism in the San Francisco Bay Area attended, braving a wild rain storm, including JAWS members Sarah Pollock, past JAWS president Dawn Garcia, some new members including Beth Duff-Brown of the AP and more who joined JAWS on the spot.

Everyone enjoyed the conversation, the networking, a fabulous dinner Kat cooked herself, and the artistic placement of the Christmas tree: hung upside-down from the living room ceiling. Everyone agreed they wanted to keep the conversation going, many vowed to come to the next JAWS camp and others pledged to find a way to create digital and new media training workshops for JAWS members in the Bay Area in 2011.

Happy New Year!