Committees and Taskforces

Volunteers make up the heart of Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS). Committees and Taskforces help  JAWS deliver the best resources, the most innovative programming and a stronger sense of community for our members. Committees and taskforces may change in order to meet the needs of the JAWS community

If you would like to join a 2020 committee or taskforce, please apply using this form.

2020 Committees

Advisory Council

Chair: Mira Lowe

Council Description: Provide targeted/specific strategic advice and guidance to the JAWS Board, as needed.

Council Membership: By appointment of the Board President 

Board Governance Committee

Co-Chair: Mira Lowe

Co-Chair: Eloiza Altoro

Committee Description: Support the overall infrastructure, capacity and development of the Board of Directors.

Committee Membership: JAWS Executive Committee & Executive Director 

CAMP Committee

Co-Chair: J. Kyle Foster

Co-Chair: Tanya Gazdik 

Committee Description: Develop the programming for 2020 CAMP in Austin, TX, December 4-6, 2020.

Communications Committee

Chair: Kari Mar

Committee Description: Identify and assess communications needs for JAWS and assist with communications messaging.

Committee Membership: General Membership

Diversity Committee

Chair: Linda Jue

Committee Description: Identify and assess diversity and inclusion needs of JAWS. 

Committee Membership: General Membership

Finance Committee

Chair: Deborah Douglas

Committee Description: Provide financial oversight and support to JAWS.

Committee Membership: JAWS Board Members

Membership Committee

Co-Chair: Jenn Kho

Committee Description: Understand the composition of, assess the needs and identify value and benefits for the JAWS membership.

Regional Groups Committee

Chair: Lottie Joiner

Committee Description: Provide support for Regional Groups, identify needs/challenges and collaborative opportunities.

Committee Membership: Regional Captains

Program Committee

Chair: Carla Murphy

Committee Description: Identify and assess JAWS programming and service opportunities.

Committee Membership: General Membership

2020 TaskForces

Code of Conduct Taskforce

Chair: Sheila Solomon

Taskforce Membership: General Membership

Taskforce Description: Review the JAWS Code of Ethics and provide recommendations for updates.

Strategic Partnerships Taskforce

Chair: Mira Lowe

Taskforce Description: Identify and prioritize who JAWS will approach for strategic partnerships and why.

Taskforce Membership: Executive Committee

Strategic Planning/Fund Development Plan Taskforce

Chair: E.J. Graff

Taskforce Description: Develop and implement a fund development and strategic planning process and plan. 

Taskforce Membership: Executive Committee