The Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS) supports the professional empowerment and personal growth of women in journalism and works toward a more accurate portrayal of the whole society. We do this at our Conference and Mentoring Project, through our fellowship programs and at regional gatherings.



  • Journalism and Women Symposium features women leaders at annual conference

    Jill Abramson formerly of NYT, Anna Holmes of Jezebel, Pulitzer-winning Sonia Nazario to speak at conference

  • Pulitzer winner Sonia Nazario will speak Sunday night at CAMP

    By Nancy Day, JAWS board member

    Sonia Nazario, whose book “Enrique’s Journey” is now used in classrooms across the country, has been added to the Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) 2014 program.

    Nazario first reported on children who make the perilous journey from Honduras to the United States for her six-part series in the Los Angeles Times, which won the 2003 Pulitzer for feature writing. Earlier this year, she re-reported the story, traveling on top of freight trains with boys as young as seven to discover firsthand what is happening now. The drug cartels, squeezed out of Colombia with massive U.S. aid, have moved inland, threatening and ensnaring children and teens.

  • Celebrating women in film at CAMP

    By Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn, JAWS member

    JAWS is bringing women — and their stories — to the big screen at our Conference and Mentoring Project (CAMP) this year.

    With Hollywood just over the mountains and in the midst of the playground of the stars at La Quinta Resort and Club near Palm Springs, what better time to spotlight the remarkable women who make the documentaries and films that have such an impact on our view of the world?

  • Top 10 CAMP social activities

    bring on campTwo local JAWdesses, Allison Engel and Donna Myrow, suggest a few fun outings.

  • JAWS Entrepreneurial Fellow’s report from the field

    Melissa LudtkeBy Melissa Ludtke, JAWS Entrepreneurial Fellow

    Not surprisingly, as an entrepreneur, it’s not about my journalism acumen but as my creation’s chief marketer that I am writing to you from the field … so it was yesterday that at a home in Newton, Massachusetts, in the company of my daughter Maya, whose journey “home” is the impetus for “Touching Home in China: In Search of Missing Girlhoods,” that we launched our iBook into the world! Albeit, for now, it’s just our pilot chapter … since next up is the typical entrepreneurial adventure called “crowdfund.” One week from now, on Monday, Sept. 22, “Touching Home in China” launches its Indiegogo crowdfund — after a year of totally self-funding its development (not from lack of trying to get grant funds), with a product to show, not just a story to tell, it’s time to ask for help in the way entrepreneurial projects do. To crowd-fund.